The Amazing Reebok Hangover Cure

When you spend a lot of your evenings with a glass of wine in your hand, a pint of beer being enjoyed, and repeat until time is called, you tend to be rather familiar with awaking to the familiar haziness of a hangover. Recently, as some of our readers might know, we’ve been trying to get fit in order to raise money for a cause that’s close to our hearts.

We’ve discovered something rather exciting along the way, and that’s just how good exercise can be as a hangover cure. Until now, you’ll have been more likely to find us hiding under duvets nursing hangovers, but now we’re converts, getting the blood pumping instead with a jog in the park, or a workout on the cross trainer in the gym to help our bodies recover the morning after. That doesn’t mean we’ve found a cure to our bleary eyed appearance, but it has given us back much of the time that was previously lost to the morning after disaster.

I’ve taken it to heart more than most. Not only am I getting more exercise than ever before, but I’ve also future proofed my exercise routine against the hideous and unpredictable nature of British weather. Remember those cross trainers in the gym I mentioned earlier? Well, there’s one at home now too! I’ve done my research and found out that for less than I pay to use the gym each year, I can have my very own cross trainer! In fact, I was sold as soon as I read the Reebok ZR8 cross trainer reviews, as hiding from the super fit super human life forms that frequent the gym on a Sunday morning appeals, so that I can watch Sunday Brunch instead as I try to sweat out that residual alcohol from my bloodstream.

It even means I can fire up Amazon Music and turn up the volume as I work out – and we all know how much easier it is to exercise to the beat of a tune you love.

So, there you have it – there is a cure to a hangover – but it’s not a raw egg or a magic pill – it’s half an hour of hard graft on a cross trainer!