BFC 024: Popping Grapes at the Stroke of Midnight

Download:MP3 Audio (28.07MB) Summary: This week Bo and Brian discuss good-luck foods for New Year’s Eve, ogling chefs’ cookbooks in restaurants, mind-blowing cream sauces, bizarre nutritional drinks, and the most overrated dessert of all time. Items mentioned in this podcast:  Whoopie Pies, Soylent, Heston Blumenthal, Saveur, Funky Bow, Marshall Wharf, Bissell Brothers, Food 52 SHOW NOTES

BFC 023: On the DL — Bramhall Pub and The Hunter’s Bend

Summary: This week the boys delve into the top secret–the new Bramhall Pub (no sign, you sorta have to know about it) and the underground supper club The Hunter’s Bend.

Items mentioned in this podcast: Bramhall Pub, The Hunter’s Bend, ‘Wich Please, Harbor Fish, Fishin’ Ships

BFC 022: Lunch at Lolita

Summary: This week we grab a long, leisurely lunch at the new Lolita, discussing everything from daytime beers to what to do with all those CSA vegetables you’ve got lying around.

Items mentioned in this podcast: Fuji, Oxbow, Lolita, Timber, Taj, Boda, Arcadia, Hugo’s, Central Provisions, Veranda Asian Market

BFC 021: The Best Lobster Roll in Portland – Rolls and Wine Tasting at Portside

Summary: This week we return to our sponsor, Portside Real Estate, for a blind tasting of lobster rolls. We also feature the top 5 white wines you’ve never heard of, furnished by Old Port Wine Shop. Who makes the best lobster roll in Portland, Maine? Listen to the podcast to find out!

Items mentioned in this podcast: Fisherman’s Grill, Eventide, Becky’s, Town Landing Market, Portland Lobster Company, Old Port Wine Shop, Foundation Brewing Co.

BFC 020: Ocean-to-Table with Fishin’ Ships in Portland, ME

Summary: Bo grabs lunch from Fishin’ Ships, the new fish-and-chips food truck in Portland, and hears from its creators how it all began.

Items mentioned in this podcast: Fishin’ Ships, Rising Tide Brewery

BFC 019: Burger Tasting + Foundation Brewing at Portside

Summary: This week the lads head to our sponsor, Portside Real Estate, for a blind burger tasting, as well as great beer provided by Foundation Brewing. Who makes the best burger in town? Listen to find out!

Items mentioned in this podcast: East Ender, Little Tap House, Louie’s, Nosh, Sonny’s, Foundation Brewing Co.

BFC 018: Portland Banh Mi Showdown — Kim’s vs. Saigon

  Download: MP3 Audio (16.39MB) Summary: Bo and Brian head to two Vietnamese joints in Portland, to see who has the best banh mi–Kim’s or Saigon. They also talk brews, including a surprise IPA from not far away. Items mentioned in this podcast: Vientiane Asian Market Place, Find Eat Drink, Kim’s Sandwich and Cafe, Saigon Restaurant, Uinta

BFC 017: The New Classics — Central Provisions and Foundation Brewing Company

  Download: MP3 Audio (21.69MB) Summary: This week the lads dined at Central Provisions in Portland for some dynamite small-plate deliciousness. And they also made the scene at the beer release party by the brand-new Foundation Brewing Company. Items mentioned in this podcast: Owls Head General Store, White Barn Inn, Central Provisions, Salvage BBQ, Foundation Brewing Co.

BFC 016: Interview with Tao Yuan’s Cara Stadler

This week Brian sat down to interview award-winning local chef Cara Stadler, to get her thoughts on her recent pilgrimage to China, the most amazing dish she’s ever made, her favorite restaurants in town, and why she’s bringing dumplings to Portland. Also this week, Bo and Brian also enjoyed a mega-tasting of sour and wild ales from Bier Cellar, including the #11 beer in the world.

Items mentioned in this podcast: The Old School, Tao Yuan, Bier Cellar, Allagash Brewing Company, Goose Island Beer Company, Brouwerij Drie Fonteinen, Brasserie Cantillon

BFC — Amuse-Bouche 2: Miyake Diner in Portland, ME

Download: MP3 Audio (6.94MB) This week Bo and Brian popped in to the brand-spanking new Miyake Diner on opening night. This cozy izakaya spot is like the All-Star Game of Portland cuisine: Masa Miyake is the man in charge, with the Small Axe guys Karl Deuben and Bill Leavy also in the kitchen, and Joe Ricchio